Wax resin ribbon manufacturers

We are Leading wax resin ribbon manufacturers in Delhi NCR India.Ribbons designed for today’s high-speed printers, wax-resin ribbons provide an exceptional level of smudge and scratch resistance. The level of print quality is also exceptional, especially for complex label formats – normal or rotated bar-coded, logos and graphics.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wax Resin Ribbon. The offered wax resin ribbon is acclaimed for producing a fine image on substrates such as smooth paper sheet and coated paper labels. Our manufactured wax-resin ribbon is capable of ensuring a long lasting image on the substrates. The supplied wax-resin ribbon is widely used for the image printing on surfaces such as baggage, pharmaceutical packages and frozen product containers.Wax / Resin ribbons are a combination of wax and resin based colorant substances in which resin substances hold a greater percentage. Wax / Resin ribbons are made of two or more layers. Resin substances have a highier melting point thus increasing the melting point of the ribbon. Printing with Wax / Resin ribbons takes place at a highier heat or energy setting then wax ribbons. As resins are harder then waxes image durability ,chemical resistance and abrasion smudge scratch resistance is more than that of wax based ribbons. They also assure excellent edge definition. Wax / Resin ribbons can be used with glossy or smooth surfaces, synthetic materials. Printing speeds of 16 inches per second can be achieved with Wax / Resin ribbons. Wax / Resin ribbons can be used for all purposes where wax ribbons are used but where there is a chance of abrasion or scratch due to contact. Wax / Resin ribbons are slightly expensive then wax ribbons.


  • Made from resin based colorants
  • Optimal quality prints
  • Long lasting prints