plain label

We are leading provider of  plain label in India.Its may be supplied independently or sheet. Many company demands pre-printed by the Supplier. Others have printing images manually or automatically at the time of pasting. Specialized high rate  printer applicators may be used to  labels on packages these and other methods may be controlled by recognized criteria. Some Stickers have defensive overcoats, laminates, or video tape to cover them after the final print. This is sometimes before apply and sometimes after. These are often difficult to peel . A Sticker can speed up this task.

We supply blank labels in sheets or on roll, using materials designed for direct thermal printing or thermal transfer. Labels can also be supplied with perforations in the backing paper to help tear the labels from the printer more easily.

Although commonly referred to as ‘blanks’, these type of labels can be easily supplied with an overall colour wash to help identification in your processes. A colour wash will not affect the over-print-ability of the label, but if may affect the way a barcode would scan if you chose to print one. Our technical sales team will be happy to recommend a range of colours that are suitable for barcode printing.

Our plain labels can be supplied on roll, in sheeted format, in fanfolded packs or as die cut singles. Labels can contain perforations to help you separate the label into multiple parts, and can have perforations in the glassine carrier making it easier for you to tear the labels off as singles.